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Dimple Jacket

Dimple jacket

Single-embossed laser-welded dimple jackets are made of two stainless steel Pillowplates of different thickness, welded together by using laser or resistance welding. Through a special inflation process, fluid channels are created between the Pillowplates. Together with the fittings, these channels form a pressure chamber, through which a fluid will pass to transfer heat transfer to and from the chamber, enclosing the single-embossed laser-welded dimple jacket. A well-designed dimple jacket tank with a thermal fluid system is a seamless way to achieve the temperatures that are needed to heat or cool the product within.

Dimple jacket design is used in many industries and are mainly used as process tank plates. For example in heating and cooling food- and pharmaceutical tanks. The use of single-embossed Pillowplates, already deformed, combine the advantage of compressive strength and required smooth interior of the inner tank wall. The large dimple jacketed vessel ensures safe process control with homogeneous temperature control. Manufactured tanks out of laser-welded dimple jackets have also less weight, above all, because of less stainless steel material. Tanks can be manufactured cost efficient by even higher product quality.

Single embossed laser-welded dimple jackets are integrated into process tank cooling and heating steps, the dimple jacket heat transfer is one of the most optimal solutions for heat transfer. Individual design in measurement, shape and material, allow flexible use in numerous industries and extend the normal standard. Single embossed laser-welded dimple jackets may be rolled to a cylindrical half-jacket and be clamped on to existing tanks retroactively. Or being welded to rings to build a tank.

Advantages of dimple jackets

Daussiny Laser Welding as a dimple jacket manufacturer use the latest technology of laser welding Pillowplates. Because of the high efficiency and easy assembly, the Pillowplate is a better and cheaper alternative than the traditional constructions such as half pipes and double shell. Other advantages are:

  • Less volume and thus allow thinner tank wall thicknesses.
  • More efficient in heat transfer than the classic half pipes or double shell applications.
  • No limitation of design.

Dimple jacket applications

Dimple jackets are for example used in the food industry for the production of beer and wine, milk, and other beverages. Additionally dimple jackets are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Pillowplates of Daussiny Laser Welding are suitable for every tank and because of the endless possibilities in customization, dimple jacket sheets can be used in almost all heat transfer applications. A few examples are:

  • Beverage processing vessels;
  • Fermenters;
  • Dairy processing vessels;
  • Storage tanks;
  • Reactor vessels.


Daussiny Laser Welding B.V. manufactures also low pressure bottoms (customer provided), torispherical, ellipsoidal, hemispherical, flanged and reverse heads with Pillow Plates.

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