Industrial tanks with pillowplate technology for storage and processing

Industrial tanks

Industrial tanks

Tanks come in all sorts of sizes for all applications and industries imaginable. The range can span between 500 litre vessels for pharmaceutical end products up to 15,000 3m tanks for drinking water or the storage of semi-finished products in the chemical industry.

Industrial storage tanks are containers used for storage of gas, oil, water, petrochemical products, and many other products, and employed for industrial uses. Most tanks are made of stainless steel.

In many industries nowadays Pillowplates are used to heat or cool tanks. Pillowplate technology works with stainless steel Pillowplates. It is able to withstand high operating pressures, more efficient heat transfer, less volume thus allowing thinner tank wall thicknesses, and there is no limitation of design, making Pillowplate design the most sustainable and cost-efficient option for tank building.

A cone-design, tube-design, square-design, or any other tank design is possible. Pillowplates of Daussiny Laser Welding are suitable for every tank and because of the endless possibilities in customization, Pillowplate dimple jackets can be used in almost all heat transfer applications. A few examples are:

Beverage processing vessels;

  • Fermenters;
  • Dairy processing vessels;
  • Storage tanks;
  • Reactor vessels.

Cone bottom tank

Stainless Steel Cone Bottom Tanks are the functional tank of choice for any beverage producing facility including breweries, miso-breweries, wineries because this unique tank enables quick and complete drainage of liquids and dry goods with a “Vortex Free” bottom. They also lend themselves to excellent mixing of materials and controlled content release. They are ideal for any small to a large production facility.

Cone bottom water tank

Cone bottom tanks are also used for water treatment. These cone water tanks are usually used to store water, liquid fertilizer, liquid feed, salt brine and other liquids and chemicals. The canonical bottoms in a cone bottom tank ensure complete drainage making them the perfect solution for getting every last drop out of the tank.

Advantages of Pillowplates

Comparing Pillowplates with the traditional half pipes and double vessel walls, Pillowplates are a more efficient solution. Because of the High efficiency and easy assembly, the Pillowplates are a better and cheaper alternative than the traditional constructions. Other advantages are:


  • Less volume because of thinner tankwalls.
  • Customization, unlimited design possibilities.
  • Excellent heat transfer.
  • Lower overall costs.
  • Even distribution of cooling and/or heating.

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