Custom pillowplate heat exchangers for efficient thermal transfer

Heat exchange

Welded plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are the ideal solution for heating, cooling or drying products with water, steam or any another liquid. The flat plate heat exchangers and plate and shell heat exchangers are efficient and suitable for many industrial processes and they are made in endless different applications. The Daussiny Laser Welding’s Pillowplate heat exchanger exists of Pillowplates, this has the advantage that both liquid and highly viscous liquids can easily pass through the Pillowplates and blockages are prevented.

Daussiny Laser Welding’s heat exchangers are high quality engineered and are customer-specific made.

Our Pillow heat exchangers are designed and produced with our own production facilities and quality controls. In this way, you are assured of high-quality installations that comply with your standard and strict industry guidelines.

The applications of Pillowplates are endless for both cooling and heating. Below you will find some examples of different applications. Single-embossed and double-embossed pillowplates can also be deployed for numerous general uses that require cooling or heating.

Applications of Pillowplates are endless, if you have specific wishes or requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of a jacketed vessel

Pillowplate heat exchanger applications are ideally suited for heating liquids and (highly viscous) products. Thanks to an ingenious design and innovative systems, heat exchangers are an ideal solution for processing processes where heating and (pre-)heating play a role.

  • Immersion dimple plate heat exchanger as a heat exchanger in tank construction for the food- and processing industries.
  • Heating jackets for pressure vessels and reactors.
  • Pillowplates for warming flat surfaces.

Examples of other industries:

  • Chemical industry
  • Tank construction
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Jacketed vessel applications

Cooling is important in many processes. This may involve the cooling of gases, liquids, products or machines. Daussiny Laser Welding develops and produces Pillowplate heat exchanger designs that are suitable for all kinds of applications where process cooling is involved.

  • Ice bank for storing energy and compact design.
  • Falling Film Chiller for cooling products in the dairy industry, industrial bakeries and many more industries.
  • Immersion chillers providing efficient cooling for products in the dairy industry and many other industries.

Heat transfer

Pillowplates have a large geometrical flexibility, due to their geometrical flexibility, Pillowplates can be customized and adapted to almost any geometry to offer targeted heat transfer where it is needed. Heat transfer products are therefore very flexible.

  • The complex fluid flow in Pillowplates promotes fluid mixing, which leads to favourable heat transfer rates. Due to their construction, Pillowplates are hermetically sealed, they have a high structural stability and are sustainable. They can be operated at pressures > 100 MPa and the product can be kept at temperatures up to 800 °C.

(Technical) Questions? Contact us

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