Pillowplate solutions for diverse industry applications

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Industrial applications of Pillowplates

Pillowplates from Daussiny Laser Welding are frequently used for a variety of applications in the food industry, process industry, chemical industry, and other industries. Pillowplates offer an industrial way of cooling or heating the product. Pillowplates are cost-effective, have high overall heat transfer coefficients, have a reduced deposition and are overall sustainable.

Common applications are:

  • Cooling for beer tanks;
  • Cooling for milk tanks;
  • Cooling and/or heating of process tanks;
  • Heat exchanger.

Our Pillowplate heat transfer solutions play an important role in market development. Industries that use Pillowplates and machines based on Pillowplate technology can be cost saving in the production process, leading up to more production of a certain product.

Food Industry

Pillowplates are the perfect solution for cooling or heating your products in a sustainable matter. We understand how important it is to cool or heat the products according to the right regulations and standards. Our heat calculations are always performed accurately and are double checked.

Daussiny Laser Welding are experienced in creating solutions for the food industry and we have developed many solutions for diverse food industries. Whether it concerns milk tanks, beer tanks or cooling systems for the meat processing industry, wherever you need reliable, efficient cooling or heating of your product, our heat exchangers offer a solution.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry is one of the most innovative and fast growing industries. The biggest challenge for the industry lies in helping the growing world to sustain and improve its standard of living in a sustainable way. Chemical production involves successive complex processes of heating and cooling.

In order to carry out these processes correctly and safely, you will need an efficient and reliable heat exchanger. Pillowplate technology offers the best solution for heat exchangers in the chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry

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