Daussiny Laser Welding is an innovator in the pillowplate heat exchangers market. We use the highest level of laser welding technology to produce top-quality pillowplates. With the development of our own machines, we are able to lead the way in the innovation of Pillowplates.


Daussiny Laser Welding guarantees quality. As an ISO-certified company, we only use materials that satisfy the highest requirements. Moreover, our many years of experience with the laser welding process enable us to guarantee a top-level product.


We build our own machines ourselves. That way we can provide you with advice about heat transfer, process technology, knowledge of materials, engineering and other technical matters. Our engineers are among the best in the field.


We guarantee that you will receive a reply to your request within 24 hours. We have a flexible production environment and offer extremely fast delivery times. After the order has been approved, we have no problem delivering after 7 working days.

Our products

Cooling plate

A Pillowplate is also referred to as a cooling plate or thermal cooling plate, in this particular instance, a Pillowplate is than used for cooling.

Falling Film Water Chiller

The Falling Film Water Chiller made by Daussiny Laserwelding BV. provides very efficient cooling via a plate package of double-embossed Pillowplates over which a thin layer of water runs.

Ice Bank

The Ice Bank Cooling System from Daussiny Laser Welding will offer you a large cooling capacity within a short space of time while saving much needed energy. 

Jacketed Vessel

A jacket is a cavity external to the vessel that permits the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in the tank and the walls of the vessel.

Immersion Chiller

An immersion chiller from Daussiny Laser Welding provides efficient cooling/heating by placing a plate pack of double-embossed pillowplates in a reservoir with liquid.

Inflation Pump

The inflation pump from Daussiny Laser Welding has been especially developed for ‘inflating’ pillowplates. The main advantage of this pump, compared to other pumps, is the controllability.


Laser welding

Founded in 2008 in Hengelo by engineer Han ten Siethof, Daussiny Laser Welding has swiftly risen to prominence in the pillowplate market. With a strong foundation in quality, the early focus was on refining their laser welding technology and product, which eventually led to a significant market entry. Collaboration with Richter LASERSNIJTECHNIEK in 2010 marked a strategic shift, combining expertise in laser cutting and welding, and culminating in a joint facility in Enschede.



Richter Laser Cutting Technology was founded as the parent company of Daussiny Laser Welding, offering a comprehensive suite of steel and stainless steel cutting solutions. Known for their expedited delivery facilitated by an extensive inventory, Richter has established itself as a pivotal contributor to Daussiny’s capabilities. The company prides itself on an ultra-flexible production system, capable of cutting individual pieces across a vast range of materials.

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