Ing. Han ten Siethof


Daussiny Laser Welding came into existence in 2008. The founder of Daussiny Laser Welding is engineer Han ten Siethof. Han already has 25 years of experience regarding pillowplates and is an acknowledged expert in this field. As long as pillowplates technology exists, Han will continue to work with pillowplates.


Han completed his technical (‘HTS’) education at technical college. Here, he learnt about the technical process for the pillowplates. For many years, Han has been used to answering questions about heat transfer, flow quantities and, for example, pressure drop. In addition, Han has worked for many years as a project leader in the refrigeration industry where he has developed, managed and implemented projects. Products such as the Falling Film Water cooler, Immersion cooler and Ice Bank regularly cropped up, and these were signed, engineered and constructed by him from the outset.

South Africa

In addition to his experience as a refrigeration technician, Han has managed a production plant in South Africa for 4 years involving the large-scale production of ice-making machines equipped with pillowplates. In this part of the world, where quality is often neglected, Han emphasized the importance of quality. To this very day, there are still many operational ice-making machines throughout the whole of Africa that were manufactured by Han ten Siethof.

Technical Manager at Daussiny Laser Welding

Following the collaboration with Richter Staalservice, Han was employed in the function of Technical Manager in 2010. In this function, he is, for example, responsible for product quality, controlling the production, product development, managing the machinery and providing support for the sales. If you have a technical question about pillowplates, send this to and Han will be pleased to answer your question.