Sales & Services

Regardless of whether or not you have experience with pillowplates, we help you from start to finish!

From concept to end product

Regardless of whether you already have a great deal of process knowledge about the use of pillowplate or whether you are taking your first steps in relation to pillowplates, we can provide advice from start to finish. The Sales & Service department can be contacted every day via or via the contact form below in order to help you with your questions. Also when you want to submit a specific request, this is possible using these contact options.

An optimal end product starts with the correct advice.

Sales & Service within Daussiny Laser Welding can also be called Advice & Service. An optimal end result can only be achieved after receiving the correct advice. Despite the fact that pillowplate as a product has already been on the market for 25 years, we still note that questions arise in relation to its practical use. At Daussiny Laser Welding, we focus on providing the correct advice and optimal communication with the customer during the preparatory phase in order to achieve an optimal end product.

Crystal clear

After agreement has been reached about the final end product, we always prepare a welding drawing in .DXF format for checking and approval. This eliminates any surprises later and the end result will be in line with your wishes.