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Richter Staalservice ('Richter Steel Service')


Richter Staalservice is the parent company of Daussiny Laser Welding. As a steel and stainless steel cutting company, it provides many opportunities for Daussiny Laser Welding, for example, extremely fast delivery. Moreover, Richter Staalservice holds very extensive stock.

Richter Staalservice

Richter Staalservice has consciously opted for an extremely flexible production system. This makes it possible to even cut single pieces for you in a wide range of materials and thicknesses from 0.5 to 200mm. Richter Staalservice not only excels in small batches, but also…

…excels in greater dimensions

The combination of torch-, laser- and water jet cutting with large dimensions within one company is exceptional in the Netherlands. Torch cutting up to 15000mm, laser cutting up to 12000mm, and water jet cutting up to 6000 mm. All technologies up to 3000mm wide. Attention has also been paid to three-dimensional products. Our laser cutting machines are equipped with a Z-axis up to 1000mm.

…excels in delivery time

Delivery within 4 working days for laser-cut products is normal for us. Our flexible way of working enables us to perfectly plan your urgent order, even within 4 hours. This is possible due to our combination of machinery and extensive stock of materials.

…excels in quality

Naturally, most materials are delivered with a 3.1B certificate and your products are very accurate and delivered without burrs. Quality that you can measure, but also feel. The experts at Richter Staalservice are at your disposal and are passionate about your product. We strive for perfection.

…excels in flexibility

Richter Staalservice cuts a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, glass, marble, rubber, plastic, wood, etc. with flame, light and water. Flexibility without sacrificing delivery time. At Richter Staalservice a promise is a promise.


Richter Staalservice; excels, also in small batches.

Tank single embossed

Single embossed

Technical questions or an offer?

Do you have a technical question about the materials, sheet thicknesses or the correct welding pattern, or would you like to receive an offer? Then contact us by phone (during office hours) +31 (0)53 203 0670 or send us an e-mail. Daussiny Laser Welding offers you the best and most economical solution.