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At Daussiny Laser Welding, quality comes first. Quality in the broadest sense of the word. For example, this has been reflected in fulfilling the requirements for the recognised ISO 9001 accreditation. In addition, Daussiny Laser Welding clearly excels in a number of aspects in terms of quality.

ISO 9001
Daussiny Laser Welding is an ISO 9001-certified company. This means that all procedures and the design of the entire organisation meet the requirements prescribed by ISO 9001 for running a business. A key characteristic of ISO 9001 is that when preventing irregularities, these irregularities are structurally investigated and procedures are modified on the basis of the results so that the quality is structurally enhanced. This vision is a perfect match for the DNA of Daussiny Laser Welding.

Pillowplates are available in countless variants. Daussiny Laser Welding can supply the requisite information for an extremely wide range of pillowplates. We therefore automatically send you all of the required 3.1 certificates for the material used, with each order.

Moreover, on request, we can supply you with inflation instructions for the pillowplate for every tested material thickness. We automatically attach data relating to the bursting test for this material so that you can see how much pressure our pillowplates can withstand. For example, the standard pillowplates with a thickness of 3+1mm have a burst pressure of ±95BAR. We can also help and provide advice on making the connections to the pillowplate.

Daussiny Laser Welding is a leader with the packaging of its products. For each order, we construct a wooden crate manufactured from wood that is ISPM15 certified. This protects the pillowplates so damage during normal transport is inconceivable, and upon reception, you are sure that the products are ready for use and you therefore do not have to deviate from your own planning.

Technical questions or an offer?

Do you have a technical question about the materials, sheet thicknesses or the correct welding pattern, or would you like to receive an offer? Then contact us by phone (during office hours) +31 (0)53 203 0670 or send us an e-mail. Daussiny Laser Welding offers you the best and most economical solution.