Falling Film Water Chiller

The Falling Film Water Chiller made by Daussiny Laserwelding BV. provides very efficient cooling via a plate package of double-embossed Pillowplates over which a thin layer of water runs. With the ice water at temperature <0.5 °C from a Falling Film Chiller you can cool large amounts of product in a short time. This Water Chiller, which cools the water at a constant temperature, is a suitable solution for the continuous cooling of your products.

Daussiny Laser Welding has developed a standard Falling Film water chiller with a unique modular design. In the upper container of the Falling Film Water Chiller, the water will be divided into small holes to the double-embossed Pillowplates, hanging underneath. A thin layer of water falls over the plate and is cooled to the desired temperature. The water can be cooled to 0,5 °C with a Falling Film Chiller. This cooled water is pumped into a container and distributed to the users, such as a Plate Heat Exchanger or Process Tank. The water that is used, is collected in a reservoir and pumped back to the top of the water chiller machine. The water is cooled again in the same way.

Falling Film water chillers can be supplied for flooded and pump systems. For Freon, these are also available as a DX (direct evaporation) system. Upon request, the Falling Film Water Chillers can be supplied with plastic or stainless steel water container with hot/cold section. The water containers have 80mm of insulation and the exterior is finished with 1mm stainless steel plating.

Always custom-made

The unique modular construction enables Daussiny Laserwelding BV to supply these Falling Film Water Chillers at an extremely fast delivery time and a high level of user-friendliness. In addition to the modular Falling Film Water Chiller, Daussiny Laserwelding BV offer custom-made solutions. Because every cooling requirement is different, our Falling Film Chillers are always custom-made.

Benefits of a Falling Film Water Chiller

  • Efficient cooling to very low temperatures (<0,5 °C) without the risk of freezing.
  • Suitable for cooling down to 0,5°C without risk of damage due to ice.
  • Constant temperature of the chilled water.
  • Custom-made to your needs.