Ice bank

direct cooling without drifting ice floes


Ice Bank Cooling System, innovation in cooling systems

Do you need a system that can efficiently cool your product and reduces the peak daytime power consumption? The Ice Bank Cooling System from Daussiny Laser Welding will offer you a large cooling capacity within a short space of time while saving much needed energy.

Ice Bank

The Ice Bank Cooling System from Daussiny Laser Welding is extremely suitable for storing cooling capacity at night and using it the following day to cool. At night when electricity is generated at a lower cost, the chillers cool the fluid and store it as chilled water or ice. During the daytime, when electricity is more expensive, the chiller is turned off and the energy stored in ice and ice water can be deployed when needed. The major advantage of using an Ice Bank Cooler is that this system saves much energy, and a large cooling capacity can be delivered within a short space of time. That means, lower initial capital equipment costs. Using off-peak electricity, reduces peak daytime power consumption.

How does an Ice Bank work?

An Ice Bank is a package of double-embossed Pillowplates that are placed in a liquid reservoir. At night, the plates freeze the water in the tank. During the day the cooler is turned off. The ice will melt into ice water which can be used to indirectly cool your products.

Ice Banks from Daussiny Laser Welding are all custom-made and theoretically everything is possible. Daussiny Laser Welding has distinctive knowledge that ensures that the ice breaks down evenly and does not cause drifting ice floes. An Ice Bank including or excluding tank, is available in all sizes and capacities.

Benefits of the Ice Bank Cooling System

  • Excellent solution for thermal energy storage.
  • Reduces peak daytime power consumption.
  • Compact design that can be used for various applications.
  • Custom-made.
  • Large heat transfer area compared to the footprint required.



Ice banks from Daussiny Laser Welding are suitable for cooling with a wide range of coolants such as glycol, Freon, NH3, CO2, etc. Ice banks for cooling can be supplied for flooded and pump systems. For Freon, these are also available as a DX (direct evaporation) system.

The double-embossed pillowplates are mainly manufactured from RVS304L and RVS316L, but can also be manufactured from other materials such as SMO254 for special uses.

The frames are also custom-made in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer. These frames optimally match the design of the plates together with the inlet and outlet manifolds.

Areas of application

The Ice bank from Daussiny Laser Welding is widely used in:

– the food industry
– industrial bakeries
– the dairy industry
– general cooling

Stock and delivery time

Depending on the version, the average delivery time for an Ice bank is 6 to 8 working weeks. Send a request by e-mail or enquire about the options via the website.

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