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Double-embossed pillowplate

Perfectly suitable for cooling technology

Double-embossed pillowplate Double-embossed pillowplates are extremely suitable as a heat exchanger for liquids or powders and granules. Thanks to laser welding technology, the pillowplates with relatively low wall thicknesses are able to withstand (extremely) high operating pressures. The high degree of design flexibility also provides many opportunities for achieving an optimal product with the best possible heat transfer. Extremely versatile uses The double-embossed pillowplates are used as a heat exchanger in, for example, cooling technology and the food industry. Double-embossed pillowplates are deployed as complete installations such as a Falling Film water cooler, Immersion cooler or Ice Bank. The double-embossed pillowplates are suitable for heating and cooling with a wide range of coolants and heating agents such as water, steam, glycol, Freon, NH3, CO2, etc. Fast delivery times Our extensive stock of basic materials enables Daussiny to offer extremely fast delivery times (after 7 working days.)

Specifications Double-embossed pillowplates are available in various materials. The most common materials are RVS304L and RVS316L and Daussiny has a large stock of these materials in various thicknesses. Double-embossed pillowplates are manufactured in the following combinations: – 1+1mm – 1.25+1.25mm – 1.5+1.5mm – 2+2mm Download the complete list of dimensions in the present stock here:
  Naast de standaard materialen kan Daussiny Laser Welding de dubbelzijdig geprofileerde pillowplates uitvoeren in diverse andere materialen, zoals RVS316TI en Duplex.
Uses Double-embossed pillowplates are mainly used in the following industries: – food industry – processing industry – chemical industry Double-embossed pillowplates can also be deployed for numerous general uses that require cooling or heating.  
Stock and delivery time Our extensive stock of basic materials enables Daussiny to offer extremely fast delivery times (after 7 working days.) Send a request by e-mail or enquire about the various options via the website.

Double embossed

Heat exchanger

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