Cooling plate


Cooling plate

A Pillowplate is also referred to as a cooling plate or thermal cooling plate, in this particular instance, a Pillowplate is than used for cooling. These cooling plates can be used in many ways for the industrial cooling of your products. There are many applications where a Pillowplate is used as a cooling plate, for example, cooling tunnels, cooling of water or other liquids, and as thermal cooling in general.

Optimal industrial cooling of your product is reached through a combination of the right material, customization of the application, and the best service we can provide. An optimal end product is key!

Cooling tunnels

Cooling tunnels are mainly used in the food industry as the last stage of the production process. Continuous cooling tunnels are used to cool or freeze large quantities of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, pastries, pastas and prepared food. A cooling tunnel is a cooler in the shape of a tunnel. Its function is to minimize product weight loss. Moreover, the food product is gently handled during the entire cooling process.

Cooling tunnels made with Pillowplate technology will ensure that the cooling process will be careful and efficient.

Liquid cooling

Pillowplate technology can also be used as a liquid cooling plate and in particular as a water cooling plate. The liquid cold plate cools liquid at a constant temperature and is a suitable solution for the continuous cooling of your products.

In the upper container of the application, the water will be divided into small holes to the double embossed Pillowplates, hanging underneath. A thin layer of water falls over the plate and is cooled to the desired temperature. This cooled water is pumped into a container and distributed to the user(s), such as a plate heat exchanger or process tank.
The used water is collected in a reservoir and pumped back to the top of the application. Than the process starts again and the water is cooled again in the same way by the stainless steel cooling plate.

Advantages of cooling plates

The process of using cold plate cooling and cold plate liquid cooling have some big advantages in many different industries:

    • Efficient cooling to very low temperatures without the risk of freezing the product.
    • Keeping a constant temperature of the chilled liquid.
    • Full construction of stainless steel, making it sustainable and easy to clean.
    • Easy to maintain open construction.
Areas of application

Cooling plates can be used in in many different industries. A few examples are:

  • Food industry for cooling products such as meat.
  • Industrial bakeries for cooling large quantities of for example pastries.
  • Processing industry for cooling down the products.
  • Chemical industry for keeping a product at a level temperature.

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