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Stock = Speed

Stock = Speed

Delivery after 7 working days!

Daussiny Laser Welding has an extensive high-quality stock of the basic materials RVS304L and RVS316L. All materials are of European quality and are equipped with certificates in accordance with EN10204/3.1.

Fast delivery time
The extensive stock and the collaboration with Richter Steel Service (‘Richter Staalservice’) that performs the laser cutting in-house straight away, enables Daussiny Laser Welding to obtain the basic materials extremely quickly and to offer extremely fast delivery. Delivery after 7 working days is not a problem for Daussiny Laser Welding.

Click on the link below for an overview of the stock of RVS304L and RVS316L at Daussiny Laser Welding.


Technical questions or an offer?

Do you have a technical question about the materials, sheet thicknesses or the correct welding pattern, or would you like to receive an offer? Then contact us by phone (during office hours) +31 (0)53 203 0670 or send us an e-mail. Daussiny Laser Welding offers you the best and most economical solution.